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B'nai Moshe 8/16/19

The news has reported that this July was the warmest July in history.  Not just in Michigan or the United States, but the entire planet earth.  June 2019 was the warmest June in history.  As a matter of fact, the last five July's have been the warmest 5 July's in history.  How can you not sign up to attend B'nai Moshe's Speaker Series on September 3 when WDIV Channel 4's Paul Gross gives us The Scientific TRUTH About Global Warming.   

Click the link on the column to the right.  Scroll down a bit.  You'll be glad you did. 


B'nai Moshe 8/12/19

We have learned that Congregation B'nai Moshe's project of crocheting mats out of plastic shopping bags will be highlighted on TV on Fox Channel 2 prior to the beginning of the Hazon Jewish Food Festival this coming Sunday, August 18.  We should be making our appearance around 8:45 am.  Yay B'nai Moshe! 

Brisket and Beyond

B'nai Moshe 8/6/19







We're reminiscing on some of our favorite responses last year before the high holidays when we asked "If you could share one lesson of a life well lived, what would it be?"

- "Often the most difficult thing and the right thing to do are the same." - age 74

- "If you can't do great big things do great little things." - age 67

- "Worrying is like a rocking chair. It is something to do but gets you nowhere." - age 78

- "Don't be afraid to move somewhere new." - age 37

- "Spend your time and your money doing thins rather than buying things." - age 40

- "You can't change other people however you can change yourself." - age 52

- "Appreciate what you have and never compare yourself to others." - age 50

- "Get your A/C unit checked every year." - age 37

- "We are not so much human beings as we are human becomings." - age 56


One more thing .... We had a wonderful surprise in our office today.  Past-President and all around lovely friend to everyone, Pearlena Bodzin stopped into the office from her home in Beechwood, OH with her beautiful grand-daughter Isabella.   They both just lit up the office and as Pearlena said to Isabella on the way in "Prepare to get love bombed!"  Love bomb we did! 

Thu, August 22 2019 21 Av 5779