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Shabbat Experience  Outdoors!

05/28/2021 11:42:34 AM


B'nai Moshe

We know we're still several weeks away but we are just so excited we couldn't keep this quiet anymore.  B'nai Moshe's critically acclaimed "Shabbat Experience" will be joining together   IN-PERSON in July and August and we'll be meeting outdoors, which will enhance our experience immensely!

July 3 and 31 and August 21 are the dates you need to put on your calendar (you can do it right now, we'll wait) to join together on the grounds of B'nai Moshe to experience Shabbat and the majesty of God in nature.  We will not be streaming Shabbat Experience on those days so you'll have to be here to experience it.  However, if weather does not cooperate, we will be meeting in the chapel.  We are asking that only people who are fully vaccinated attend the in-person sessions.  We must admit that is a great reason to get vaccinated if you haven't done so already!

Of course we will still be meeting virtually via zoom on June 5 and 19 as scheduled.  We just can't wait to experience shabbat together!


Sun, May 19 2024 11 Iyyar 5784