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Shabbat and Weekday Services

We hold daily and Shabbat minyan 7 days a week.  Some in-person and some via Zoom, but always so that we can pray together, smile together, allow our friends to say Kaddish, and find our own fulfillment.


Musical Kabbalat Shabbat

Once a month we gather together for Friday evening services, good food, great music, and as a welcoming community.  Follow the link to reserve your seat at our next melodic dinner.


Shabbat Experience

Experience Shabbat Experience!  Once a month in the Klein Chapel, we hold Shabbat Experience, a small group service focused on spirituality, mindfulness, and gratefulness.


Siddur (Prayerbook) for Services

There are different siddurim that we use for daily prayer, holidays and festivals, and the High Holidays.  You can access all of them online for personal use and to use via Zoom services.



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