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Congregation B'nai Moshe

6800 Drake Road ♦ West Bloomfield, MI 48322
Phone: 248-788-0600 ♦ Fax: 248-788-0604  ♦

Membership Application

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Please complete the following section for all yahrzeit reminder notices.

A yahrzeit is the anniversary of the day of a loved one's passing. B'nai Moshe will send a yearly reminder prior to the yahrzeit date, according to Hebrew date, and read the deceased’s name in the on date of the yahrzeit and on the prior Shabbat.

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Get Involved with Congregation B'nai Moshe

Just a few more questions

Does anyone in your household have any limitations of which we should be aware? Please explain.
List any relatives who are members of B'nai Moshe (include name and specify to which member they are related and how)
Are you friends with any members?
Please list any other organizations you work or volunteer with.  Is there anything else we should know?

We are very glad to welcome you and your family to Congregation B'nai Moshe . Please answer a few additional questions about your decision to become a member here.

Financial Obligations 

Congregation B'nai Moshe provides countless ways to feel the joy of belonging from our uplifting worship to Social Justice and Tikkun Olam. These opportunities are made possible through the ongoing contributions of our membership. Each household is responsible their fees on an annual basis. Please note that at B'nai Moshe we pride ourselves on our inclusivity and will work with any household where finances create a barrier to membership.

Membership is the annual pledge each household makes to the congregation.  Our current unsubsidized membership for a household of 2 or more individuals is $2,250 and $1,400 for singles. This amount is set by our board during our budgeting process and is payable throughout the entire fiscal year (July 1 through June 30). New members have the option of determining whatever dues level they choose for their first year of membership, regardless of our unsubsidized levels. 

We also offer Chai Memberships for those who are fortunate and generous enough to pay in excess of the unsubsidized membership pledge.  $3,600 is Gold Membership; $2,500 is Silver Membership for a household of 2 or more; and $1,450 is Silver Membership for a Single.   

In order to cover the costs of our ongoing efforts to maintain a safe and secure facility, the board of directors has approved an annual Security Fee of $150 per household. The fee will be listed on your account as a separate line item from the Annual Membership Commitment.  These funds will go toward continued security presence, additional physical security needs, and ongoing training for staff, lay leadership, and the congregation at large.


In accordance with the above, I choose this to be my membership commitment.

I/We agree to meet all Community Commitment and financial obligations associated with this membership and understand that I will be sent a statement shortly.  Requests for special arrangements or any questions should be directed to Steven Fine, Executive Director, who can be reached at 248-788-0600 or

I/We agree by attending a Congregation B'nai Moshe class, service, event, or any activity associated with B'nai Moshe Temple that takes place on synagogue property or at some other location, to the B'nai Moshe photo/video release policy, unless I/we opt-out below. 

Welcome home to Congregation B'nai Moshe, we're so happy you're joining our community!

I choose to opt out of photos / videos.
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