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Annual Campaign 5784

All vibrant congregations must raise money to support new initiatives and expansion as well as affirm the value that any person or household that wants to be part of a loving Jewish community is deserving of that covenantal relationship.

Our High Holy Day Annual Campaign is not a request for additional charity, but it is an ‘ask’ for inspired investment in our communal future.

As a collaborative leadership team, the Board and our Professional Team is committed to making sure that your pledge on this High Holy Days is invested wisely and that your return on the investment will be evident throughout the year in the form of meaningful moments of connection, exceptional learning opportunities, and the further deepening of relationship between one another. .

We hope you will consider investing at this pivotal time in our synagogue’s story. We begin a new chapter, building upon our successes, and venturing out in new ways. It is an opportunity for each of us to be partners in supporting our community center.  To that end, we are asking that you answer this appeal in the affirmative as so many have done in the past.

Lastly, if there is an area of B’nai Moshe life that inspires you or aligns with your values, we ask that you share that with us so we can better understand what you appreciate and value most or what you hope to be true about B’nai Moshe in the coming years. This will help inform and inspire the leadership team as it seeks to make wise and compassionate decisions on behalf of the community.

In an effort to continue support for Congregation B'nai Moshe,  I/we hereby pledge the amount indicated below.

Thank you so much for your continued support of Congregation B'nai Moshe.  As we celebrate the new year, we wish you to continue to stay healthy and safe, and look forward to being together again on our beautiful campus.


Fri, June 14 2024 8 Sivan 5784